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This is a really good link. Explanations and links for common min pin problems and disease processes can be found here. Everyone should visit this page.
This link explains how MPS works in humans. It would work the same way in dogs. They have included pictures so you get to see what MPS can look like.
This link will supply you with any testing information you may need. It also has the form that must be sent in with the test and all the proper addresses.

Popular sire theory
How MPS-VI affects min pins
If anyone has any pictures they would like to contribute please email me and I will get them posted. I do not have to use your name if you don't want that posted.
MPS-VI is considered rare in humans, but due to the controlled population in breeding animals, and the popular sire effect, there have been a few popular sires who MANY of our dogs can be traced back to... who are known to have been carriers. If you have ever read the popular sire theory, it explains how one popular sire can pass something so far for several generations, and with the increase in carriers in the populous, it is not known that there is a problem or where it came from until several generations later.
How does MPS-VI affect Min Pins... Most affected pups die before they are a few weeks old. Ones that live can look almost normal and then around 6 months of age, they start showing pain and when examined by a vet, are found to have either or both... Legges Perthes, and spinal deformities. I know someone that has spoken to 2 people who had a MPS affected pups, neither knew it until the pup started crying and limping around 6 months. One was a breeder's pup that was still at her home at 6 months of age, the pup went to the vet who said he could fix the Legges Perthes, but that the spinal deformities would cause nothing but worsening pain, and he advised that she put the pup down, so she did. The other was a pet purchased from a kennel, and the vet assumed that the pup was injured in flight, to explain the development of Legges Perthes and the cracked vertebrae that he thought healed unevenly, to explain the bowed spine. This pup had Legges Perthes surgery, and died at 2 years, 2 months of age. Neither Vet thought MPS-VI........  MPS can be seen before six months of age. You may notice sign of MPS as early as six weeks and can probably be certain by three months.

Penn Gen started their study to see if Legges Perthes was always due to MPS, and to try to isolate the gene that causes it. They found that Legges Perthes is not always due to MPS, but can occur for other reasons, including injury. They can, however, now tell you 100% accurately, whether you are clear/carrier/affected.
A special thank you to a good friend for providing this information.
I urge all breeder to please test your dogs. If you can not afford to do them all at once start with your males. You need two carriers to produce an affected puppy, so even though you could still get carriers, you will not get puppies  that have the disease.
The only thing I noticed when Daisy was a baby was that she had a very short snout, very similar to a Rottweiler.  She did not have any other symptoms that I noticed.  She was diagnosed with LCP shortly before she was a year of age when she started limping on her daily walks with her mom.  The vet found other bone and joint issues.  She was tested for MPS VI and her results came back that she was affected.  Her owner struggled with the heart wrenching decision on what to do next, and she decided that it was best to put her down because she was in pain, and could not live the active lifestyle she had been used too.  Very, very tough decision.
I want to thank this person for sharing pictures and her story with us.
These next pictures are a little more graphic......
I want to thank Kim for sharing the pictures and story  below with us. This information along with all the pictures are used for the sole purpose of educating people about MPS-VI in hopes that more breeders will test their dogs and prevent the needless pain and suffering of the puppies/dogs and their owners, not to make anyone look bad. **Please note, the breeder/person Kim received Luna from, WAS NOT the breeder of Luna's litter.  The Dam was already bred and she was told the parents had been MPSVI tested, which was not the fact.  The parents WHERE NOT TESTED!  Three pups where born in this litter two weeks after arriving in the new owners home, Luna was the only affected pup.  The mother of Luna was spayed and never bred again.**

I am wiling to help anyone who calls or emails me get information about testing their dogs.

                                       The Story of “Angel Bay Luna”

I got Luna at the start of summer 2008. I waited anxiously to get her from the long plan ride home. The minute I took her out of the cage I noticed she looked “different”. On the ride home from the airport she started sneezing and coughing. I picked up my cell phone and called my vet. She had acute pneumonia and the poor little thing had been shipped like this. I carried her around for a few days and made sure she had every thing she needed. I only put her down when she had to use the bathroom. She seemed surprisingly content with this. Once she was feeling better and she got down to play and started walking, I started noticing her right front leg seemed misshapen. I emailed Jamie and she gave me horrifying news. Jamie felt that Luna may have MPS-VI and I should get her tested.
I had Luna tested, and it took some time to get the results back. We just had to wait. In the weeks following the test Luna was rapidly getting worse both front legs had stared to curve she had great difficulty walking. I carried her most every where, and had to have her with me where ever I went to tend to her needs. Luna needed to be watched constantly so that nothing would happen to her in case we needed to repeat the test to get the correct results.  My vet wanted the test to be effective. As time went on her spine started to curve, her back legs and hips became affected.
The test came back positive Luna Angle had MPS-VI. For the first time I discovered how attached I had gotten to the angel, I wondered how I had let that happen. It was now well into the summer season, about August. My vet and I knew the inevitable. He just kept telling me I would know when it was time.
One morning I woke up and was watching Luna struggle to get around.  I noticed something more had changed about her. She was having difficulty eating. Her neck had receded back into her shoulders, (she had No neck). I resorted to having to find food she could chew easily and swallow. The thing that was her favorite was hot dogs. At this point I figured, what did it matter if her diet consisted of hot dogs? I knew the end was near, I could have catered to her forever just to have her in my life she truly was an ANGEL.  I bought the biggest pack of hot dogs I could find. It might have had 120 in the pack. I'd feed Luna one in the morning and one at night, all the time telling myself that when the pack was gone it was time. How had I fallen so fast for this little creature? I got down to the last few hotdogs in the pack and even found myself wanting to only give her half a hotdog just to prolong the end.
We finished the pack and I made the appointment with my vet. My husband had and I drove to the vet together, but I couldn't go in. My husband carried Luna into the vet, and it took everything I had not to run after him that day and say, “let’s wait until tomorrow” all the time knowing that tomorrow would come too soon.
I was relieved for Luna, THAT IT WAS OVER NOW. I realized she gave and taught me as much as I her. I have never in my life had such a deep connection with a creature. Even now almost a year later it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how special she was, and how she was cheated out of a good life because someone did not test their dogs for MPS-VI. Luna’s “situation” was 100% avoidable. If her parents had been tested, the breeder would have know not to breed them together because they were both carriers. All the same I feel the need to thank the breeder for the gift she gave me. Luna touched my life in a very special way.  Luna, my little angel, enriched the compassion of how much life means and how fragile it is. I feel Luna was a true gift from God and about as close that we will ever get to touching an Angel.
Thank you Jamie for helping me with Luna, please use Luna’s story for educating others. If anyone needs to contact me please feel free to call 734-475-0058.
Luna was six inches tall and two and a half pounds when she passed away at only four months old.
Her favorite things where LOVE, sunshine, and hotdogs.

In these first two pictures of Luna the biggest thing you notice is the curvature of the right front leg. If you look really closely, her left front leg looks like it is starting to curve like the other one. Her face does look a little different than a normal min pins face also.
In these pictures of Luna you can see that the curvature in the front legs is more exaggerated. There is not much change in the face. By this point the owner would have know there was a major problem.
Luna's front legs have continued to get worse and now we are getting a good look at the curvature of her spine. We can assume at this point walking has become a challenge. Her face has not changed much.
Luna's front legs are now both severely curved to the left. Her spine looks more curved, her hip bones are now sticking out and the back feet don't look 100%.

Please keep in mind, Luna was put to sleep at four months old, so these changes are happening rapidly. This however is not always the case. Luna has a sever case of MPS-VI. In some affected dogs you may not notice any thing is even wrong with them until they are six months old.
One of the last pictures of Luna. As sick as she was, she seemed to be enjoying the sunshine.