CH C's Already Goin For Th' Gusto
This is my Gussie boy! I just love this little boy. He is my up and coming show boy and I couldn't be more excited. This guys moves like a dream and is so easy to teach. Watch for him in a show ring near you this winter. He gonna knock their socks off!

Gus was breed by my friend Chris as was Tuffy. Just look at that quality! Chris is an AKC breeder of merrit and has a great eye for min pins.

Show Results:

03-04-12 Tupelo Kennel Club Inc. WD/BW/OS/BBY for 3 points under judge Paula Hartinger
03-16-12 Leavenworth Kennel Club Inc. WD for 2 point under judge Robert Hutton
03-18-12 Heart of America Kennel Club Inc. WD for 1 point under judge Pamela Peat
03-31-12 Claremore Kennel Club of Oklahoma WD/OS for 4 points under judge Edd Bivin
04-21-12 North Arkansas Kennel Club WD/BW/BB for 1 point under judge Edmund Dziuk
04-22-12 North Arkansas Kennel Club WD/OS for 1 point under judge Dr. J Donald Jones
05-12-12 Sunflower Kennel Club WD/BBE for 3 points under judge Bradley Jenkins

Photos of Gus
Gus's first major.
Gus moving at four months