**I do not sell to back yard breeders, pet stores or brokers. I want the best for my puppies, and to me that means them  getting to enjoy a nice warm lap for the rest of their life.

*I do occasionally have show prospects available to approved serious show homes.

*ALL of my adults min pins are AKC registered, and are breed ONLY to AKC registered dogs of equal quality!

*I require that all pet puppies be spayed or neutered. If the puppy is old enough it will be neutered before it leaves.    

*I do not breed dilute colors. Dilutes have a tendency to get alopecia, and also tend to have poor immune systems. These colors are not recognized by the MPCA, and can not be shown in AKC conformation events.  Please be careful of breeders breeding two dilutes together, this is a huge no no, and doubles the chances of skin problems and poor immune systems.

*I do not breed merle, piebald or brindle harlequin pinschers. Brindles, merles and piebalds are mixed breed dogs. Another breed has to be breed into them to achieve those patterns, and no matter how many generation are bred back to the min pin, they are still mixed breeds.

 We are licensed legal breeders!!

 You can reach me at 218-969-1054 or click on the envelope above to email me if you'd like more information on our available dogs and puppies! We are located just south of Kansas City, MO.

I currently have some 4 month old red males looking for forever home. There is a minimal adoption fee to qualified homes. Feel free to call, text, or email for more info!  jamie.berg@yahoo.com

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Updated 08/19/18
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