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"Miniature Pinscher aka min pins for sale"
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 The King of Toys, nicknamed for it's bold, alert attitude, rose from humble beginnings as a ratter in its homeland, Germany. Dogs of its general type have been know for about 300 years, with the earliest mention of the breed being in 1836. Miniature Pinschers, which are probably related to the German Pinscher family of dogs, were said to be a cross between the Dachshund and the Italian Greyhound. The biggest misconception about the Miniature Pinscher is that is a smaller version of  a Doberman Pinscher. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Doberman was not created until  1890, when Louis Doberman breed his first Doberman Pinscher. 
Jamie Berg

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"Kansas City Missouri breeder"  of "quality Miniature Pinschers"
Envi Mi Min Pins The former Minnesota breeder of "quality min pins"
Located near Kansas City, within driving distance of Joplin, Springfield, Columbia, and St.Louis as well as Tulsa OK and Des Moines IA
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Two hours to Joplin, two and a half to Springfield Missouri,  thirty minutues to Kansas City  Kansas and Missouri, three and a half hours to Tulsa  Oklahoma,  four hours to Branson, six hours to Little Rock  Arkansas,  two hours to the Iowa border
Envi Mi Miniature Pinschers

Envi Mi Miniature Pinschers

Envi Mi Min Pins Breeding and showing champion min pins
Envi Mi Rayna James

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Palm Springs Update!

by Jamie Berg on 12/19/14

BISS GCH Envi Mi The Quarterback "Finn" goes Breed all 4 days!! Finn finishes off the Palm Springs cluster with a group 3 under judge Rodney Merry!!